Sunday, April 24, 2011

Good Things in Life

Good Things in Life

The world has so many wonderful things and so much to explore and I am so enthusiastic about so many things that I really want to share


Music communicates so many emotions that idea that move you. People go through the same problems and same adventures as you and sing about it. Then you can rock on knowing someone really understands what you're going through. This first post is going to be about awesome music. It's not going to be in order of greatness, I am interesting in putting as many good things in life which are good to different people:

Less Than Jake: She' gonna break soon

This song is totally awesome and should be more broadly known:

Andrea Bocelli: Vivo per lei

Andrea Bocelli is an absolute genuis and wonderful person. In his concert in Tuscanny Bocelli made an absolutely stunning performance that blew everyone away. He sang with Heather Headly, he sang with Lang Lang on the piano who also delivered a lively exhilarating performance, and of course sang with the one and only Laura Pausini. This is all on DVD and I have it! It's the BEST!

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